1 on 1 guitar and bass Instruction from the comfort of your own home at 50% off my regular rates!

In addition to my love for cooking, I have an equal love and passion for music.  I was a commercial music major in college, and have performed countless times over the past few decades.  I have also been a guitar and bass instructor for almost 30 years teaching hundreds of beginning and advanced students thousands of lessons in virtually every style of music.  

I am happy to help beginning students navigate the challenges they may encounter with method books, or tailor the instruction to meet your needs, depending on what you would like to learn.  Most importantly, I think music should be fun, an outlet for creativity, and a way to express yourself. 

A few possible topics for study are:

-Note or tablature reading

-Learning songs you love and listen to

-Advanced techniques (slapping and popping, tapping, speed, and dexterity)

-Chord progressions

-Music theory


  chord structure (from triads to more complex chords)

  rhythm reading



-Ear training

-Performance tips

-Playing with other musicians



This is by no means a complete list.  If there is something you are interested in learning, please let me know, and we can chat about how I can help you meet your goals. 


Lessons are $10 per half hour, 50% off my normal rate. Lessons are done via zoom, where I will send a link for you to join me on a call.  I am accepting payment via Venmo.  


Please email me at chefdonmaloney@gmail.com with any questions you may have.  

I look forward to talking with you!